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Tarifa is a great place to practice surfing all year round. However, surfing is more feasible during the Fall and Winter months. When the best swels arrive at the Balneario, Río Jara and Punta Paloma spots.

The eternal question is if you can practice surfing in Tarifa, characterized by the wind, the answer is yes. There are quite a few days of waves and in this post we will explain to you the best places to practice surfing, the best moments and all the ins and outs so that you can enjoy the best surfing with School Tarifa.

As for the time of year, from the beginning of October until the month of May we enjoy great days of waves, which you can also enjoy with us since we remain practically open all year round.

In Tarifa, there are basically 4 surf spots: Balneario, Río Jara, Arte y Vida and Punta Paloma.

1.Balneario is the star spot in Tarifa and also the busiest. It is normally where the best waves are for surfing. In favor of the most optimal conditions. On the other hand, its rocky bottom and the fact that there are many local surfers on many occasions. You will love the surfing atmosphere very close to the Port, Isla de las Palomas and Tarifa town. However, be careful with the background.

2.Río Jara is our favorite and where we go surfing and where we teach our classes. Due to proximity, safety, comfort and quality of waves, this is our home spot and where we enjoy the sea the most. As we are very close to the mouth of the River, sand banks form that allow the formation of a wave that is more than good for surfing.

It is tremendously safe, since due to the sandy bottom, the width of its beach where no one is disturbed and its shallow depth where you almost always touch foot, it is a fantastic spot. Furthermore, getting to and parking near Chiringuito Gaia is very convenient in every way.

3.Arte y Vida, also a wonderful spot where you can ride a beautiful wave and whose place is magical. The only drawback if you are starting out in surfing is its rocky bottom. Not highly recommended if you do not have much experience. Also indicate that this place is on the outskirts of Tarifa about 4 kilometers. So you will have to move the material to this point.

4.Punta Paloma – Benavides: This also beautiful enclave where you can ride a spectacular wave normally works in winter.

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Suitable material for surfing in Tarifa.

As for the most suitable material for surfing in Tarifa, both for neoprene and for boards, they would be the following. Neoprene thickness 4/3 with long sleeves and long legs. In Tarifa, due to the type of currents we have, the water temperature to which we are subjected is around 19 degrees on average throughout the year. Never less than 17 degrees in the middle of Winter and no more than 20º in winter. Therefore, a neoprene of this thickness is appropriate for your safety and enjoyment

We are talking about safety, because if you are cold in the water to regulate your body temperature, you burn more calories than necessary, you can go into hypothermia and it is not a pleasant situation at all. If you are comfortable and warm in a good wetsuit everything flows better.

As for the board, it will depend on your surfing level, your size and the spot.

If you are a big boy you will need a board with volume. And if you add to that that you are just starting out in surfing, then all the more reason to look for a soft board or long board so that your initial take off is perfect. Keep in mind that the talba in Tarifa is medium to large, the better as this will allow you to enjoy more days of surfing per year.

On the other hand, if you are an advanced level, you can start thinking about buying something more technical to carve and enjoy big waves.

If, on the other hand, your level is zero and you need to learn from scratch to take your first steps in the world of surfing. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get started with you. Tarifa is a spectacular place to start surfing and without a doubt we are your school.

Normally for a surf course a couple of days are more than necessary. After teaching you some theory and the basic points such as take off or paddling, we will go to the water to enjoy with you, correct you and ensure that your progression to become independent is complete.

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Tarifa a good place for surfing?

Given the eternal debate about whether Tarifa is a good spot for surfing due to the large number of windy days we have, we are very clear about it. The answer is yes. Obviously there are nearby places like El Palmar and not as many as Portugal where due to quality and quantity you can enjoy very good conditions. However, there are many days in Autumn and Winter where the conditions are more than optimal for the most advanced and perf

We will give you classes in Summer where there are also optimal conditions. Both for classes, for rentals and for everything you need, we are at your entire disposal

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