Your first surf equipment

A very common question in our center is regarding the first surf gear once the course is finished and we want to go independently to the beach. With this post we show you which is the most appropriate material and depending on your level, what material is necessary, approximate budget to be able to surf and progress, second-hand or new material.

We help you to get it right, since at first you will have many doubts in terms of board size, type and material of the board, thickness of the neoprene, distance of the invention, etc …

So don’t hesitate to look at this interesting post and also ask us , what it is about is that you can surf.

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Your first surfboard

Everything will depend on your level of surfing. If you are a beginner surfer who has just finished his course and wants to enter the world of surfing in the safest and fastest way, do not hesitate to buy a softboard. This type of boards, due to their buoyancy and foam material *, are especially suitable for beginners.

On the one hand, at the skill level, this type of board will help you to perform the take off * in an easier way, since having more volume forgives you more the failure and for those first times you want to stand on the board. There is nothing better than a lot of buoyancy since having so many liters of board volume, it allows you more stability.

The measurement will depend on your weight and height, you should not forget that the board should be about 15 centimeters taller than you when you are standing. To serve as an example, a 1.75 person should look for a 6.1 foot board. You should know that a foot at 30.48 cms, which is the measure in which surfboards are defined, is done in feet. Therefore, this table is equivalent to 1.90 cms. perfect for a person of the aforementioned height.


Also advise you on the fins, look for them at the beginning of semi-rigid rubber. Since in these beginnings when the paddling is not so fluid and you make more mistakes, the board will do the catapult. If the board is thrown upward with very rigid fiber or plastic fins, it can cause a cut or blow to the head. On the other hand, if they are made of a less hard material such as plastic, the impact will be lighter: Safer. We are the material we use at school for our fins and fins.

Once you are more advanced, this bigger and cuter board is perfect for learning but less focused for a more advanced surfer due to its size and less possibility of carving the waves. Later you will move on to one more board with a spike tip and lighter material, whether fiber, epoxy or wood.

In terms of prices, a good quality soft board can cost around € 175, while a good wooden board can cost around € 300. There is a wide variety of brands and formats to choose from, as well as a large second-hand market where you can choose.


Without a doubt, neoprene is very important, since it is your safety that is at stake. If you spend a lot in the water without the proper thickness of neoprene you can burn too many calories to regulate your body temperature and it can lead to the situation of excessive fatigue or even hypothermia.

We advise you 3.2 in summer and 4.3 in winter in a spot like Tarifa where the water temperature ranges between 17 and 19 Centigrade, it is not cold but your wetsuit is essential so that you can surf safely.

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Thickness of your suit

When we talk about 4.3 it is about 4 millimeters in the chest and 3 millimeters in the extremities, which is where the least cold can be. Like 3.2 but finer. We the colder or thinner students prefer to wear a thicker neoprene to avoid the feeling of cold.

Obviously there are thicker wetsuits such as 5.4 and a variety of formats such as shorties, overknees, etc … And a multitude of materials and closures such as front zip. Regarding brands, we have been working for several years with Alder surf and also with ION.

The shorties are wetsuits with short legs and short sleeves, while the overknees are long sleeves and legs below the knee. However, the variety in terms of types of wetsuits is infinite and what is sought is comfort. A good quality wetsuit can be around € 150 from the Alder brand.


Surf accessories

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We are about to finish with the shopping list when it comes to surfing. Which is a great advantage over other water sports. The simplicity of the equipment makes surfing a relatively inexpensive sport that anyone can practice as it is affordable.

Invention or leash: it is about the connection between the table and us so that the table does not escape us. It usually has a distance between 5 and 6 feet. It must be long so that when we make a mistake the board does not chase us and hit us if it is too close to us. A good quality brand is Ocean Earth and it can cost around € 40, obviously it’s like everything, you can buy a more expensive and cheaper leash.

Non-slip wax or wax: wax is essential in fiber or wood boards in more advanced boards and if we don’t put it on, the board becomes a skating rink. We recommend depending on the time of year a cold wax that better withstands the cold or warm the heat. It usually has a price of about 4 Euros per tablet and lasts a long time if you are careful with your board and keep it away from the sand or high temperatures in summer so that it obviously does not melt.


Well, you already have it all, you just need to practice and enjoy the sea, the waves, the sun and the outdoors

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