Surf lessons

The best surf and paddle surf course

We offer you different types of courses depending on your level, objectives, whether you come alone or accompanied. We design tailor-made courses for you and don’t worry if you come alone, as we incorporate you into a group so you can have a great time and meet people from all over the world.

Group Course

3 - 4 Students in the group and no more, since we like small groups, that way you guarantee to have the instructor by your side.
Price 2 hours Pax: 49 €

Private Course

1 Student and no one else. It is the most effective and fastest way to learn, since the class is totally personalized and the instructor for you.
Price 2 hours Pax: 100 €

Semi-private course

2 students, each with their own table and the instructor. No one else in the group so that your progression is greater. Always personalized attention
Price 2 hours Pax: 60 €

SUP course

The Paddle Surf courses are calmer and the trips that we prepare for you are always in a group so you can share it. Ideal for the family.
Price 2 hours Pax group: 55 €

All included in the price of the surf course

The surf course always includes per student: All the necessary material, insurance, instructor, transfer to the beach …

Once on the beach the methodology of the course will be  : 

  1. Theoretical explanation of the fundamentals aspects 
  2. Specific warm-up for surf lessons
  3. Entry into the water
  4. Common mistakes fixes
  5. Practice continues
  6. Specific stretches for surfing