About us

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Our surfing history

For more than 10 years we have been practicing Surf and Paddle Surf when we had the happy idea of moving to Tarifa to turn our great hobbies into a way of life, in transmitting our passion in each of the courses we teach and generating a lot of happiness to each one of the students we teach.

We have visited many spots during these years to soak up the best of each place, but the magic of Tarifa and its after surfing are unique. You cannot miss a sunset between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic with Africa in the background while practicing the best sport in the world: surfing.

In 2013 Surf Tarifa School was born with maximum motivation and with the aim of being able to make each of our students enjoy.

Surf and SUP methods

We teach you Surf with the most practical methodology

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We take you to the best spot

If conditions are not the best in Tarifa, why not try El Palmar or Getares. Balneario or Río Jara in Tarifa await you ...

Sup and surf soft boards

To make your learning much safer and faster, we provide you with the best Stand Up paddle and surf boards so that if they hit you they won't hurt you .. And that your take off is unique.

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Best wave earrings

Always aware of the weather, so that the sea and wave conditions are the most suitable for your level ...

Alder 2021 courses and material rentals

If you want to rent equipment because you come with friends, do not doubt that we provide everything you need for your session.